Irish Muslim Council

In the name of God, the most Compassionate, the Most merciful

The Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council holds a position of neutrality regarding the upcoming referenda in March 2024 regarding amendments to Article 41 of the Constitution. We understand the importance of this decision for shaping the future of Irish society, and we urge all members of our community to engage in the democratic process with respect and open-mindedness.

As relative newcomers to Ireland, we recognise the significance of understanding and respecting the diverse perspectives surrounding these proposed amendments. It is imperative that we listen attentively to both sides of the argument, avoiding the temptation to stereotype Irish society and culture based on simplified narratives of the past. Our collective history is complex, and it is not our place to judge or condemn the sacrifices made by past generations, which have paved the way for the opportunities we enjoy today.

In the context of Islam, we emphasise the equal value and importance given to the roles of motherhood and homemaking. Islam has never promoted the notion that the stereotypical male role, defined by material wealth or status, is superior. Rather, it emphasises the significance of each individual’s contribution to the family and society, regardless of gender or societal expectations.

It is our belief that the prevailing materialistic worldview, particularly dominant in Western societies over the past two centuries, has often overshadowed the holistic understanding of roles and responsibilities within families and communities. We recognise the profound implications of this worldview on our cultural, moral, and ecological environments, and we encourage thoughtful reflection on these consequences as we consider the proposed constitutional amendments.

As members of the Irish Muslim community, we are committed to fostering dialogue, understanding, and cooperation within Irish society. We believe that by engaging in respectful discourse and embracing diversity of thought, we can collectively work towards a future that reflects our shared values of compassion, justice, and unity.

Additionally, regardless of how individuals choose to vote in the upcoming referenda, it is imperative that we respect the opinions of those on the opposing side. Every citizen of Ireland, regardless of their stance on this issue, is a cherished part of the Irish nation with diverse views. We must remember that we are all united as one nation, and respect for differing perspectives is crucial in maintaining the fabric of our society.

Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council

Dublin, Ireland.

30th January 2024