Irish Muslim Council

THE ISLAMIC CENTRE of Ireland has condemned the terrorist attacks that took place in Tunisia, Kuwait and France on Friday.

Speaking about the attacks, Shaykh Al-Qadri, founder of the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council in Blanchardstown, said, “Whilst some people are doing their best to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims these awful events have taken place.”

“I condemn the attacks and it is the responsibility of every Muslim leader and scholar to condemn them. Terrorists are criminals, enemies of humanity, enemies of religion, enemies of morality and the enemies of human values,” he went on.

My heart bleeds for all those who have lost loved ones in Kuwait, Tunisia and France.

The comments were made as part of an ‘Iftar’ – a fast-breaking meal held by Muslims during Ramadam.

Guest of honour at the event was renowned peace campaigner and Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, who said that he was “very touched” by the warm welcome extended to him by the Muslim community.

Also speaking at the event was Lynn Jackson from the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, who spoke about the assistance given to Jewish people by Muslims in Paris during World War Two.

They were joined by Rev Eugene Griffin, a Christian priest, and Rev Myozan Kodo, a Buddhist monk.

More than 150 guests attended the Iftar held in Blanchardstown – coming from across Ireland to attend.
Source: The Journal