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🌙✨ Eid Mubarak! ✨🌙

On this joyous occasion of Eid al-Fitr, 10th April 2024, the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council extends warm greetings and heartfelt prayers to all our brothers and sisters celebrating across Ireland and around the world. As we come together with family and friends to commemorate the end of Ramadan, let us also remember those who are facing immense challenges and hardship, particularly our beloved brothers and sisters in Gaza and Palestine. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during these difficult times. We fervently pray for peace, stability, and safety for the people of Gaza and Palestine. May the Almighty grant them strength, patience, and resilience to endure the trials they are facing. Let us join hands in invoking Allah’s mercy and blessings upon them, and may He bring an end to the suffering through a just and lasting ceasefire. As we exchange gifts, share meals, and celebrate the blessings of Eid, let us also renew our commitment to compassion, solidarity, and empathy towards all humanity. May this Eid bring us closer together as a global community, united in

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Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council Condemns Campaign Inciting Hatred

[Dublin, 25 February 2024] – The Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council (IMPIC) expresses deep concern over the ongoing campaign by a small number of individuals who continue to spread misleading information about Islam and Muslims in Ireland, inciting hatred and division within our society. We are particularly alarmed by the recent attack on our chairperson, Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, amidst the current rise of Islamophobic and divisive rhetoric online. Such targeted attacks not only threaten the safety of individuals but also undermine the principles of tolerance and inclusivity that our society stands for. The impact of this divisive rhetoric is evident in the increasing number of angry calls received by the Council on a weekly basis, a trend that was previously unheard of. Most recently, an individual known for previous anti-Muslim comments has tweeted a picture of a sticker posted with the website of our organisation, falsely implying that IMPIC advocates for Shariah Law in Ireland. We strongly condemn this propaganda and wish to clarify that the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council has never advocated for Shariah Law

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Christmas & New Year Message 2023

Dear Fellow Citizens of Ireland, On this joyous occasion of Christmas, I extend my heartfelt greetings to our Christian faith community. Today, they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the profound messages of love and peace that echo through the centuries. In the spirit of the season, let us reflect on the shared values that bind us together, transcending religious boundaries. It’s heartening to recognise the similarities between Islam and Christianity, two major world religions. Both traditions hold dear the Virgin Mary, a symbol of purity, and Jesus, whose miracles and message of peace resonate across diverse cultures and beliefs. However, as we bask in the joy of Christmas, our hearts are heavy with the awareness of the ongoing war in Palestine, the very land where Jesus was born. This conflict serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those living in the region and calls us to reflect on our shared responsibility to advocate for peace and justice, irrespective of religious affiliations. In a world marred by division and discord, it is crucial that we, as

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