Irish Muslim Council

Ramadan 2023 Announcement

We would like to congratulate all Muslims in Ireland and around the World on the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of Fasting. The first day of Ramadan is on Thursday 23 March 2023. The first Taraweeh prayer will be Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 10:00pm in the Islamic Centre. Ramadan Mubarak […]

Chairperson Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council (Irish Muslim Council) addresses European Policy Dialogue Forum in Lisbon

The Chairperson of Chairperson Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council (Irish Muslim Council) addresses European Policy Dialogue Forum in Lisbon, Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, attended the European Policy Dialogue Forum in Lisbon to discuss and delivered a talk on Bridging divides in European society through inclusive partnerships and sustainable interventions.The Forum was attended by European […]

Eid Al Adha 20 July 2021 at Croke Park

Islamic Centre of Ireland has the pleasure of announcing that the crescent moon has not been sighted, which means that the 1st day of Dhul Hijjah 1442 AH will beSunday 11th July 2021. The Day of Arafah, therefore, will fall on 19th July and Eid al-Adha on 20th July 2021. Eid al-Adha will be this […]

Eid Ul Fiter Mubarak

#EidAlFitr  will be on Thursday 13th May 2021 in Ireland 🇮🇪.  May Allah accept our Ibadah in this blessed month and reward us according to His unlimited treasures and His unlimited generosity, Aameen. Wishing you and your loved ones  💚*Eid Mubarak* 💚 #EidAlFitr  #eid  #Ramadan

4th Annual Ramadan Community Iftar Dinner

    Report  4th Annual Ramadan Community Iftar Dinner “Sharing the Spirit of Ramadan”     On Saturday 9th of June 2018 we organised our 4th annual Community Iftar Dinner which was attended by a large number of Muslim and non-Muslim guests. We specially are thankful for the attendance of our speakers; Mr. Jack Chambers TD (TD […]

Ramadan 2018 Announcement and Message

There has been no positive moon-sighting in any Muslim majority country and neither in Ireland or in Europe. Therefore tomorrow is 30 of Shabaan as per Sunnah of The Holy Prophet ﷺ. First day of Ramadan in Ireland is Thursday 17 May 2018 We wish you a very blessed Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem! A Statement circulating on Whatsapp signed […]

Ramadan 2017 Announcement & Community Iftar for Peace

Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council is pleased to announce that Ramadan starts on Saturday 27th May 2017.  The first Taraweeh Prayer will be held in the Islamic Centres across Ireland at 11pm on Friday 27th May 2017. We will be hosting a Community Iftar for Peace on Saturday 17th June 2017 in the Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre […]

Statement on the Manchester Attack

The Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Manchester Arena, United Kingdom. The attack killed 22 innocent people and wounded more than 120. Our sympathies and prayers are with the people of the United Kingdom and all those affected.  May God grant us all the ability to stand united with Love & Compassion […]